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Train Yourself To Observe
Train Yourself To Observe

Train Yourself To Observe

Skills of observation matter. Here is one area in which you can develop them. Be like Sherlock Holmes.

In “One of the Most Untreated Types of Pain in Dogs” (healtypets.mercola.com, Jan 03, 2018), Dr. Karen Becker discusses some signs of pain and disease to look for in dogs.

She writes:

We also need to apply some science to the art of observation when determining a dog’s pain score. We need to know average pain levels for the condition the animal has or the surgery about to be performed, and factor those into the equation. This is necessary because many dogs are stoic even when in significant pain.    © Copyright 1997-2018 Dr. Joseph Mercola. All Rights Reserved.

Then think: how does this relate to Cats? To other pets like Hamsters, Parakeets, Boas? How does it relate to people you know?

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