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Gold Academy: Private and Corporate Training
The Market

The Market

Our first tutoring center will open in the River Oaks-Memorial-West University area, which encloses or is close to the homes and schools of about 300,000 elementary, secondary, and college students. We seek to capture a segment of the individual and group tutoring market. Market segments include students struggling to pass, students seeking to improve from a D to a B, high-achieving students seeking a competitive edge, students seeking a rational education that they don’t know exists, and students seeking SAT/ACT/AP test prep.

By tapping into this need with a physical location, Gold Academy can:
• uniquely meet the needs of the rational, independent student
• capture market share from cookie-cutter, conventional companies such as Sylvan and Kumon
• serve both traditional education and test prep markets
• provide classes to homeschoolers in Houston, TX
• provide workshops by experts on specific topics, such as writing

Starting with two tutors, our goal is to grow from twenty students per tutor to thirty per tutor. We will add two additional tutors during the first year. We will begin the second year by adding four more tutors and grow our clientele to 250 to 280 students.

About 11 percent of students receive tutoring, which means that an estimated 33,000 students receive tutoring within our targeted geographic area.