Optimal thought and optimal fitness through reason, logic, science, passion, and wisdom.
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Michael Gold received his B.S. in Mathematics and B.A. in Philosophy (and the equivalent of a minor in Physics) from the University of Texas at Austin. He received his Texas Teacher Certificate in Secondary Mathematics from the University of Houston. More recently, in 2019, he became a MovNat Certified Level 2 Fitness Trainer (recert 2021), after having completed the Level 1 Certification in 2018.

He has decades of experience helping people achieve their best in school, in their thinking, in their fitness and athletics, and at work. This success is the credential that matters most for a teacher, tutor, and trainer.

Some of his credentials (aka testimonials) are:

“I really did learn more than geometry and math taking classes with you. I learned to reason and use logic to start solving things in everyday life. It’s pretty useful at work when I use reasoning to find root causes, and to find and fix problems. You teach people how to THINK!” —Dylan T

“The skills you taught me allow me to outperform even on tests that are initially of an unfamiliar subject matter just due to the logic and the testing rules you taught me years ago. Thank you!” —Jimi T

“You made me enjoy learning again.” —Jacob L

“I believe the skills you teach and emphasize have a tremendous impact on our kiddos critical thinking as well. You are greatly appreciated by our family!” —Michelle F

“Exercising in the woods with Michael has benefited me more than any other type of workout that I have done with any trainer. He is more than just your typical trainer as he covers your overall well-being. I am a freshman on the LSU football team and can attest that Michael is an excellent strength coach.” —Carlton S

“Coming from a background of physical contact sports such as hockey and football, I wanted to get myself back into form, without a florescent lighting tan, without aggravating previous injuries from the glory days. Michael was with me every step of the way, building routines for with me and for me, helping me to build my body correctly and avoid injuries. This a custom tailored experience, and I recommend Michael’s expertise and logical approach. Be prepared to learn with Michael, he’s a great teacher and an invaluable resource of knowledge. Be prepared to bring your mind, body, diet, and thinking to new levels. I recommend the Gold Academy experience for all those looking to build the best self version they achieve.” —Matt H

Michael’s study of science, history, natural history, biology, fitness, health, and philosophy enable him to make his work with people more dynamic, effective, and interesting. After all, all areas of knowledge are interrelated, and we live in one unified world. It’s just how things are — and thought should follow suit.

He brings into play real-world applications from such diverse areas as chemistry, nutrition, physics, finance, economics, grammar, literature, and logic. He shows the life inherent in academic subjects by discussing the historical and scientific context of concepts and methods and by teaching how they are used in the real world and in life.

He strives to teach students cardinal aspects of reasoning: hierarchy, context, integration, and objectivity — which principles he practices in his own thinking and living. He talks the talk and walks the walk.

Personal interests and hobbies include cats, dogs, horses and horseback riding, art, health and fitness, eating, cooking, nutrition, natural history, biology, iNaturalist, philosophy, and the histories of math, philosophy, and science.

Gold Academy sets the standard for excellence among tutoring services. I was a student of Michael Gold for around 7 years, and the education I received has had an immeasurably positive impact on my life. I originally only sought out tutoring for Geometry & Algebra, during middle school, in order to place into higher level math classes. I found the tutoring to be so valuable that I continued my lessons even after placing into and acing my desired courses – I received tutoring in math through high school and some of college (all the way up to 3D Calculus). Additionally, I received tutoring for English and Grammar, Physics, SAT prep and more. Gold’s tutoring helped me achieve A’s in my classes and great scores on standardized tests, but this was just the ‘tip of the iceberg.’ With each lesson I also learned how to better think logically, carefully and reasonably. These skills are essential to life and have helped me immensely – I still use the learning/study methods I developed through Gold’s lessons to earn top scores in many college courses and to do well in my work and hobbies. I will forever be grateful to Gold Academy, and highly recommend the service to any student who is looking to start learning, thinking and living.
–Rajiv R, ex-middle school and high school student

I recommend to any parent that seriously cares about their child’s educational well-being — as well as their mental and physical health — to get in touch with Michael Gold and get started with him right away! His holistic and hierarchical approach to learning and understanding the world is a must when helping your child prepare for their future. My three children study with Michael, and I couldn’t be more pleased with their progress. He makes learning fun!
–Melanie K, mother of three to whom I taught science

Michael discusses more of his background, expertise, and accomplishments in this podcast: