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Upcoming MovNat Elements Workshops

Upcoming MovNat Elements Workshops

The next MovNat Elements Workshop is on 12 March 2022! Sign up to reserve your spot!
In the summer, plan for the MovNat Elements Workshop on 16 Jul 2022! Sign up to reserve your spot!

Learn the basic building blocks of MovNat, such as ground movements, get ups, and crawling patterns. Plus, the most fundamental techniques for each of the Natural Movement aptitudes, from balancing to jumping, lifting, climbing, and more.

This workshop is the fundamentals, but is anything but basic! We will go over MovNat Level 1 and Level 2 techniques and skills, fit to the participants and your goals. You can be assured you’ll learn, no matter your current level: beginner, physical therapist, weekend athlete, high school or college coach, athlete, etc.

“Michael was truly a gem as an instructor! I loved the methods that were taught, his patience, and the simplicity to how everything was applied! I learned so much in a few hours!”
–Brion R, Massage Therapist (LMT), MovNat Elements Workshop, Nov 2021