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Deriving the Basic Area Formulas

Deriving the Basic Area Formulas

Schedule: This is a 1-hour class.

Format: Lecture with some class participation. We will learn concepts and practice them to attain the mastery we can in a short time. No grading; homework is optional.

Cost: $20 per person for a group class of 4 or more students; $70 for one-on-one tutoring.

Payment options: Payments can be made via PayPal, Venmo, Zelle, cash, or check.

Materials: Pencil and paper. We’ll use free worksheets on the Internet for homework and supplements, if need be.

For more details or to schedule a class, contact Michael by email at michaelgold@goldams.com or by phone at 281-770-2276.

Class Description.

In this class, we’ll learn how to derive the basic area formulas: square, rectangle, parallelogram, triangle, trapezoid, kite, and circle. We’ll learn how one formula derives from another, where we start the derivations, and how they are structured into a whole. Great stuff for learning how knowledge — math, physics, biology, and more — develops!

Memorizing is not, alone, knowledge of anything. “It’s from an authority” or “my teacher said” is not a validation. Neither memorization or “my teacher said” teach us how to think, how to know truth, how to learn on our own — which we each need so we can live well, grow and develop and improve, help our friends, do well at work, help others (and ourselves!) correct mistakes, and make a better society.

We need to know how to know. We need to know why things are true, and we need to make asking and answering that “why” question a habit in our minds. And we do that one step at a time; we make a habit by repeating a practice once, and again, and again, and again, till it’s habit. Today is one step.

This class will of necessity be lots of lecture on my part, and lots of note-taking and thinking on yours. Learning the derivation of the area formulas is an endeavor worth pursuing, an accomplishment worth achieving. We can learn lessons from it that help us do better in other areas of thought and life.

Learning Goals.
To understand the area formulas.
To know how they are related, and how one derives from another.
To learn some logic.
To learn a technique of logic to use in learning, studying, thinking, and reasoning — in all areas of life.

“Never before was my son as motivated and interested in a course. It was a delight to see and fun to hear him share about the lessons without prodding 😄”
–Paula L., parent, about the Outschool class “High School Geometry, Semester 1,” 2 Jan 2022

“This class helped my son prepare for 9th grade Geometry Honors. He felt the teacher was very prepared, extremely knowledgeable, worked at a good pace for understanding and was thorough. There was time for questions and help if needed. He enjoyed taking this class.”
–Laura S., parent, about the Outschool class “Summer Geometry Preview/Review, Session 1,” 22 Aug 2021

“Great overview of what geometry class will be like in the upcoming school year. It teaches you how to think about geometry, and the importance of logic and systematic thinking in general.”
–Gita S., parent, about the Outschool class “Summer Geometry Preview/Review, Session 1,” 28 Jun 2020