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Testimonials: Academic Classes on Outschool

Testimonials: Academic Classes on Outschool

“My son has enjoyed this class and made friends as well as broadened his understanding of Calculus. I recommend this class.”
–Xaidie C., parent, “Calculus, Semester 1,” 14 Jan 2022

“Never before was my son as motivated and interested in a course. It was a delight to see and fun to hear him share about the lessons without prodding 😄”
–Paula L., parent, “High School Geometry, Semester 1,” 2 Jan 2022

“This class helped my son prepare for 9th grade Geometry Honors. He felt the teacher was very prepared, extremely knowledgeable, worked at a good pace for understanding and was thorough. There was time for questions and help if needed. He enjoyed taking this class.”
–Laura S., parent, “Summer Geometry Preview/Review, Session 1,” 22 Aug 2021

“This class was excellent! My daughter said “He is the best teacher ever! He actually explains why things work so you understand what’s going on instead of just memorizing it.” She took Calc 1 a year ago and wanted to review. She feels she understands it so much better now. She said they covered an entire semester in two weeks more in depth than her original college level class. She can’t wait to take the next level.”
–Danielle L., parent, “Summer Calculus Review/Preview, Session 1,” 7 Aug 2021

“For the past 2 years, my son has taken a different math class over the summer with Michael Gold just to sharpen up before the upcoming school year, and the payoff has been tremendous. He loves this teacher’s style, is surprisingly riveted during the class, always on time, and absorbs the equivalent of an entire years worth of work in 2 weeks, helping him to breeze through the academic school year with great grades and a real sense of satisfaction. You’re kids might roll their eyes at you at first, but they will thank you if you are lucky enough to grab a spot in one of Michael Gold’s classes. He is fast, clear, to the point and gives real life application examples to make math make sense. 10 stars if I could.”
–Lia J., parent, “Summer Algebra 2 Review/Preview, Session 1,” 10 Jul 2021

“Mr. Gold worked really well with my extra spicy ASD kid. My son loved learning from him.”
–Stacey K., parent, “Geometry Essentials, Semester 2,” 8 Jun 2021

“My 13 yo son got a lot out of this class. The teacher is funny. I wasn’t around much but when I was there was some hilarious things going on. But not all the kids got his humor. That was so funny because they didn’t realize some of his humor. He makes class interesting and fun but also serious and talks about how things will help them in the future. We would do another class in the future but it’s just a little expensive for us to do classes all the time. Not a bad price it’s just hard to do that all the time.”
–Lindsay W., parent, “Geometry Essentials, Semester 1,” 10 Mar 2021

“Great class! The teacher is very knowledgeable. My son learned a lot. The teacher is very good in explaining details as well as the bigger picture, why it is important, how it is used. I wish math was always taught this way.”
–Anna, parent, “Math Lab: Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Basics,” 28 May 2020

“My 11th grade son had never learned or heard of sentence diagramming before, and – having always felt that it was one of the most useful skills I learned in school for professional/business writing – I wanted to make sure he at least learned the basic concept. Mr. Gold was kind enough to schedule a new one-hour class, and my son enjoyed it. He thought Mr. Gold did a great job of explaining the concept and helping the students through a few practice runs. If we have time during our homeschool semester, I would love to sign my son up for the longer version of this class.”
–Jennifer S., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 1,” 22 Feb 2021

“Michael went above and beyond for my son, an avid math student, by proceeding with class with just 1 student! My son LOVES math and wants to keep learning. In our district’s COVID-related virtual model, he won’t have math – or a math teacher – again until August 2021. Michael just filled a HUGE gap in curiosity and learning… An AWESOME experience – our first with Outschool. Thank you Michael!”
–Sarah C., parent, “Math Lab: Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Basics,” 9 Feb 2021

“My child like the class and teacher and did not complain about attending which is not the usually for my teenager. Would recommend.”
–Leslie B., parent, “Sentence Diagramming Grammar Camp, Session 1,” 8 Jan 2021

“My teenage son enjoyed this class. A lot of material was covered. The instructor was very passionate about his subject.”
–Jean, parent, “Logic Essentials: How to Think Well,” 19 Dec 2020

“My daughter’s learning experience with Mr. Gold was excellent. The class was very interactive and informative. There were class note summaries and practices provided by Mr. Gold after each class. To learn about the techniques of sentence diagramming would help kids better read and write. My daughter benefited a lot from this class. Highly recommended.”
–Li S., parent, “Sentence Diagramming Grammar Class, Session 1,” 16 Dec 2020

“Great classes tailored to our daughter’s needs. Michael always sent links with extra exercises and really managed to boost her confidence!”
–Sofie H., parent, “Private Science Tutoring (Package of 05),” 4 Dec 2020

“This was a great introduction to sentence diagramming for my son. Mr Gold provided a lot of great resources as follow up to this class. Very helpful!”
–Jenni C., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 1,” 17 Aug 2020

“Teen says: It was a fun class. Mom says: A good review of parts of speech and how they fit together.”
–Kez, parent, “Sentence Diagramming Grammar Camp, Session 1,” 10 Aug 2020

Michael Gold’s “Summer Geometry Preview/Review” was a in-depth yet efficient way (8-classes over a two-week period @ 1.5 hours per class) to get a preview of what to expect in the fall. My daughter wants to stay sharp over the summer (around the fun and relaxation that all kids need) and the structure of a class that meets live is the only option for us. Also, the class was comprised of like-minded students and a nice group of kids.

We first came to know Mr. Gold through his “Logic Essentials: How to Think Well” class. I highly recommend this class because logic and deductive reasoning are the cornerstones of thinking well. We need our kids to flag poor arguments and discern the truth. Unless you are attending an elite prep school, I don’t know where you would find exposure to a class like this. I am so grateful that Mr. Gold makes this class offering available. So when I shared Mr. Gold’s Geometry offering with my daughter, she wanted to sign up knowing he is a wonderful teacher.

What was most telling – my daughter never forgot about the class date or time. I know Mr. Gold is engaging because if I walked past her room, she was never distracted. He connected with kids on all fronts using lecture, illustrating problems on the board and showing YouTube videos. He has a warm personality, inflection in his voice and good sense humor. After each class ended, my daughter wanted to show me her notes and explain a problem set she learned. Also, I received a detailed email from Mr. Gold outlining everything that was covered in each class, along with links to videos, books, geometry worksheets and more. I also appreciate that homework was optional – your child can leisurely gain exposure or go all out on mastering the subject matter – there’s no pressure.

Michael Gold has high standards for teaching and truly cares about his students. My family joins his long list of five star reviews because he’s that good. My daughter and I highly recommend Mr. Gold’s ‘Summer Geometry Preview/Review’ and ‘Logic Essentials: How to Think Well’. We enthusiastically encourage you to sign up for any class he teaches!
–Mary B, parent, “Summer Geometry Preview/Review, Session 1,” 19 Aug 2020

“My 14 year old appreciated the feel of a real class – we even signed up for Part 2. There were a lot of practice problems and then he would review how to walk through it.”
–An Outschool parent, “Summer Geometry Preview/Review, Session 1,” 25 Jul 2020

“My son (14) took two pages of notes and seemed to learn grammar faster in the session than I could have possibly taught him myself! Probably because it’s easier to listen to someone (anyone, really) who isn’t your parent. Mr. Gold was engaging and informative, and sent not only one follow-up email (a TY to attendees, with some encouragement and advice) but two follow-up emails (the second had two pages of additional work students could do to practice diagramming sentences). I’d say anyone could benefit from this class; I know my son did because I’ve seen little in his notebooks/binders over the years from school covering grammar/parts of speech, with the exception of Spanish class.”
–Amy H., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 1,” 24 Jul 2020

“My son says, ‘Although I don’t think I’ll ever love geometry (or summer math), I really liked Mr. Gold and thought he did a good job. He is easy to understand, very enthusiastic, patient, and helpful. We didn’t get to talk to him or each other, but everyone used the Zoom chat well, and he was very responsive. I sometimes thought the lectures were a bit long- the importance of geometry, history, logic…But again, I liked him and I learned stuff. And I am taking the second session of geometry next month and am very glad Mr. Gold is the teacher.’ “
–Emily G., parent, “Summer Geometry Preview/Review, Session 1,” 23 Jul 2020

“My son really enjoyed this instructor. He was knowledgeable and had great presentation skills. He also include a ton of information in follow up emails which was helpful.”
–Ellen, parent, “SAT Test Prep!,” 19 Jul 2020

“Really enjoyable class from a teacher that cared and knows his stuff.”
–Anthony S., parent, “Logic Essentials: How to Think Well,” 19 Jul 2020

“My daughter really enjoyed the content of the class and liked the teacher very much.”
–Cat K., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 1.25,” 2 Jul 2020

“Great overview of what geometry class will be like in the upcoming school year. It teaches you how to think about geometry, and the importance of logic and systematic thinking in general.”
–Gita S., parent, “Summer Geometry Preview/Review, Session 1,” 28 Jun 2020

“Great teacher. My son has learned a lot from Lesson 1-3.”
–Jeanne C., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 3,” 26 Jun 2020

“My son has nothing but good things to say about this class. He learned a lot!”
–Laura B., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 1,” 21 Jun 2020

“My son says: ‘Great experience. It really helped me improve my average score (statistics from practice tests) from about a 29 to a 32.’ “
–An Outschool parent, “ACT Test Prep!,” 20 Jun 2020

“My son knew a little about these (self-taught, because he’s interested) before, but he liked the class a lot and it’s pretty clear that what he he learned here made them “stick” better than they were before. I looked at his notes, and, honestly, I wish I’d had this type of explanation of this material when I was in trig. My son has taken several classes from this teacher and enjoyed all of them, likes this teacher’s style.”
–Julie M., parent, “Math Lab: Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Basics,” 9 Jun 2020

“My 12-year-old grandson considers functional fitness to be enjoyable and useful. He particularly appreciates this instructor’s approach.”
–Donna K., grandparent, “Functional Fitness (One Hour Group Class),” 19 Jun 2020

“My son loved this class! It is a very different type of exercise using functional movement. He thought it was very creative and fun. Kids who don’t love vigorous exercise but want to get moving would like this one I think.”
–An Outschool parent, “Functional Fitness (Half Hour Group Class),” 4 Jun 2020

“Excellent and nice coach. Your kid will learn and enjoy very much!”
–Gabby T., parent, “Functional Fitness (Half Hour Group Class),” 31 May 2020

“My son reported that he is ‘getting it’ by practicing and hearing from the teacher.”
–Rebecca W., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 1.5,” 26 May 2020

“My teen loved this class and was very engaged by Michael’s teaching style. We really like the interdisciplinary approach and will definitely take another of Michael’s classes.”
–Jeanine G., parent, “What is Philosophy? Why Do You Need It?,” 19 May 2020

“My son is a 9th grader so this class was a little early for him and might have been better in a year (but that was my fault). Still, my son was engaged throughout the whole class. I felt the class gave an excellent overview to SATs and taught some tips and tricks of how to go quickly and do better overall. I’m glad he took it and think it helped.”
–Jennifer W., parent, “SAT Test Prep!,” 25 May 2020

“Great lesson! My son loves this teacher, and I love the extra homework the teacher gave to help them understand the material more. THANK YOU!”
–Sue M., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 4,” 29 Apr 2020

“Very useful and informative class. Just what we needed. Very good teacher.”
–Aleksandra K., parent, “Math Lab: Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Basics,” 27 Apr 2020

“Excellent class.”
–Margaret S., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 3.5,” 25 Apr 2020

“My son really enjoys this class. He has taken Diagramming 1-3 so far, and he wants to keep going! The teacher takes the full hour and makes the examples challenging enough to keep the kids on their toes while still learning. He also gave follow up notes and practice sentences for my son to continue working on, even when class was done. Amazing!”
–Sue M., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 3,” 23 Apr 2020

“This was an excellent class – my son enjoyed his teaching and learned a lot in the process. So much so that he asked to take another diagramming class with him!”
–Sue M., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 2.5,” 21 Apr 2020

“Teacher was wonderful and a huge help to my 12-year old who was struggling with prepositional phrases.”
–Amy S., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 1.5,” 19 Apr 2020

“Cool teacher and very relatable!!”
–Rasheda F., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 1,” 18 Apr 2020

“Excellent class.”
–Margaret S., parent, “Inquiring-mind Science: How Far Is the Sun? How Far Are the Planets?,” 17 Apr 2020

“Excellent class.”
–Margaret S., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 4,” 17 Apr 2020

“My son says to expect a warm welcome and a very fun class. The teacher is really friendly and interactive. The content is great and my son says very well taught. He looks forward to more classes in the future!”
–Elizabeth, parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 2.5,” 10 Apr 2020

“My daughter loved this class so much!”
–Danielle R., parent, “What is Philosophy? Why Do You Need It?,” 9 Apr 2020

“My son enjoyed the class.”
–Amy F., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 1,” 6 Apr 2020

“My son absolutely loves this class!!”
–Tamara B., parent, “Functional Fitness (Half Hour Group Class),” 6 Apr 2020

“Mr. Gold’s class was wonderful and our daughter enjoyed it. Mr. Gold kept her thinking. We highly recommend it.”
–Joseph P., parent, “Logic Corner: Generalization: Its Nature, Its Rules, Its Deep Importance,”3 Apr 2020

“Our daughter really enjoyed this class. She couldn’t wait to share what she learned with us, We highly recommend this class.”
–Joseph P., parent, “Logic Corner: Concepts, Our Unit of Knowledge,” 3 Apr 2020

“My son (13yo) loved this class, he loved learning math he had not learned before, the instructions were very clear and he enjoyed them a lot. He loved learning the historical context and is already looking for other classes with this teacher. He really enjoyed the class! Thank you!”
–Judith V., parent, “Inquiring-mind Science: How Far Is the Sun? How Far Are the Planets?,” 1 Apr 2020

“My son says that the teacher is great and he signed up to take the next level. He is very good-humored and funny. He explained things really well.”
–Elizabeth, parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 1,” 29 Mar 2020

“My daughter loves to run but has never had anyone explain the best way to do it in order to get the most out of it and avoid injury, etc. This was the perfect class for her. As soon as she was finished, she demanded I take her out for a run so she could try out some of the tips and tricks she learned. Good class!”
–Jennifer M., parent, “Physical Fitness: Good Running Technique,” 26 Mar 2020

“My kids enjoyed his teaching.”
–Wendy F., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 1,” 31 March 2020

“Lively discussion of words. Great review of basic concepts before delving into diagramming.”
–Kendra W., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 1,” 28 Mar 2020

“My son, who loves running and doing track really enjoyed this class and was excited to share some of the new tips that he learned.”
–Amanda R., parent, “Physical Fitness: Good Running Technique,” 28 Mar 2020

“Learned a lot.”
–Shawnna, parent, “Math Lab: Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Basics,” 26 Mar 2020

“My son loved this course. He said that the teacher was really funny. I have never seen my son so excited about math. Thank you, Mr. Gold!”
–Rosa L., parent, “Math Lab: Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Basics,” 26 Mar 2020

“My 13 year old was slightly reluctant – as I signed him up without his input. He thought the session was beneficial and was happy that he participated. I’ve been looking at the follow up information from Michael, and it is very impressive.”
–Tc C., parent, “Physical Fitness: How To Build It,” 25 Mar 2020

“Excellent! An important skill for kids to have.”
–Margaret S., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 2.5,” 24 Mar 2020

“Very helpful class!”
–Margaret S., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 3,” 23 Mar 2020

“Great class! My 12 year old learned a lot!”
–Margaret S., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 2,” 20 Mar 2020

“An excellent introduction to Philosophy and notable philosophers in history. The teacher provided lots of great resources for further learning.”
–Alia C., parent, “What is Philosophy? Why Do You Need It?,” 2 Mar 2020

“Well organized and patient teacher. Teacher works hard to engage all students. This a great class! Not many schools are teaching this anymore. Great skill to have.”
–Margaret S., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 1,” 20 Mar 2020

“This was a great refresher class for my 15-year old teenager and a good beginner lesson for my 12-year old. Mr. Gold was very engaging — always interacting with the class, asking lots of questions to help the students participate and hold their interest. I found myself (Mom) really enjoying it as well, as I listened nearby! When the 50-minute class came to the end, he said that he needed to finish covering a few more basics and offered to continue for those who could stay another 15/20 minutes. We did and really learned a lot from his class! Looking forward to Level 2!!”
–Melanie K., parent, “Sentence Diagramming: Lesson 1,” 28 Feb 2020

“My daughter was able to “teach back” lots of good running tips and clearly was very engaged throughout the class. She’s looking forward to implementing what she learned in the coming days.”
–Sirid, parent, “Physical Fitness: Good Running Technique,” 27 Feb 2020

“My daughter got clear introduction and gained more confidence! So thankful!”
–Chigusa, parent, “Math Lab: Sine, Cosine, and Tangent Basics,” 27 Feb 2020

“My daughter truly enjoyed the class and has motivated her further study in science. She also appreciated Mr. Gold’s passion and excitement for science!”
–Chigusa, parent, “Logic Corner: What Is Science?,” 12 Feb 2020

“Both my kids, age 13 and 15, enjoyed this Logic class. It was very challenging and the kids really had to think!”
–Cat, parent, “Logic Essentials: How to Think Well,” 21 Feb 2020

“My son, 13 years old, has fallen behind in math and has gotten very frustrated. Mr. Gold is very patient and explains concepts simply and easily. My son is very relaxed and is smiling when being tutored by Mr. Gold.”
–Cat, parent, “Private Math Tutoring,” 6 Feb 2020

“We really enjoyed the Ecology class with Michael Gold! He chose a wonderful textbook for my daughter to use: “Minnesota’s Natural Heritage.” He made it interesting, relevant, and understandable. As a homeschool mom, it’s always a challenge to find good teachers that I can rely on to supplement the holistic education I try to give my children. Michael does just that! He’s knowledgeable, thorough, logical, and even brings a sense of humor to the class! I can’t recommend him highly enough for someone who, like me, wants more for their children. Thank you, Outschool, for providing such good teachers at reasonable costs! We’ll be signing up for more classes soon!”
–Melanie K., parent, “Ecology (Chp 5 by John Tester): The Northern Coniferous Forest,” 4 Feb 2020

“This was a great class. My son especially liked the focus on understanding the logic behind the math.”
–Xaidie C., parent, “Calculus, Semester 2,” 28 Apr 2022

“Mr. Gold has been an outstanding calculus teacher for our son. He was genuinely invested in the students’ ability to both master the math and become more independent and philosophical thinkers. He always provided detailed, helpful feedback and consistently went the extra mile, giving plenty of his own time in overtime to ensure the material was understood. He definitely has our recommendation. Thank you!!”
–Michele, parent, “Calculus, Semester 2,” 26 Apr 2022