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How We Differ

How We Differ

Integration: all knowledge is an integrated whole; every item of knowledge has connections and interconnections with numerous other items of knowledge. Making such connections is not automatic; it must be learned and trained.

Hierarchy: all conceptual knowledge is built upon prior knowledge; we must learn one thing before we learn another — e.g., arithmetic before algebra before calculus, or mechanics before electrodynamics before quantum mechanics.

Essentializing: all knowledge of a topic should get to the root and key points of the topic. All knowledge identifies some things as more important causally than others; we need to learn what are the basics and what are the derivative aspects of things.

Application: knowledge should not be pursued for the sake of knowledge, but for the sake of action, for the sake of living in the world. We connect ideas to their role in human life and their role in achieving happiness.

Independence. Learning is knowing something on your own, and being able to act on it. Learning is not being told to do something. Students need to be able to do things and think through things on their own; they should not expect someone to tell them what to do all the time.

The Gold Academy is one of the rare companies meeting this need for reason and logic. We have the opportunity to capture a substantial portion of the tutoring market.