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Testimonials: Academics & Education

Testimonials: Academics & Education

I really did learn more than geometry and math taking classes with you. I learned to reason and use logic to start solving things in everyday life. It’s pretty useful at work when I use reasoning to find root causes, and to find and fix problems. You teach people how to THINK!
–Dylan T, ex-high school student

“All of my son’s grades have gone up [not just his math grades].”
–Tom T, parent of a high school student

“I agree with you 100%. [Madison] has gone from a D/C student to a B/A student. She is knocking it out of the park right now, not just by getting the work done but by also doing it correctly. It is nice to have her as a student I can rely on to do her work and know how to do it. I know that she has tried to share her story with others to encourage them to just try and do their work, that Algebra is not as hard as they are making it out to be and I appreciate that. I hope she finishes up the year strong.”
–Mr. M, high school teacher of Madison S; quote from emailed note from teacher to parent

“We have been clients of Michael Gold’s for almost 10 years and he was initially recommended by the math department head at a top independent school here in Houston. Both of my son’s (seniors in college and high school) have benefited greatly from Michael’s commitment to assisting students with math and science. Their confidence and grades improved significantly and we highly recommend Gold Academy!
–Robin C, parent of two high school students

“Gold’s tutoring helped me achieve A’s in my classes and great scores on standardized tests, but this was just the ‘tip of the iceberg.’ With each lesson I also learned how to better think logically, carefully, and reasonably. These skills are essential to life and have helped me immensely — I still use the learning/study methods I developed through Gold’s lessons to earn top scores in many college courses and to do well in my work and hobbies. I will forever be grateful to Gold Academy, and highly recommend the service to any student who is looking to start learning, thinking and living.”
–Rajiv R, ex-high school student

“I tutored with Michael for physics and calculus at the end of my senior year of high school in order to prepare myself for my first semester of engineering at Texas A&M University. Not only was I prepared enough to feel comfortable and excel in the coursework my 1st semester but Michael introduced me to thinking about problems as a whole and inductively (a thought process which has helped in every form of learning). To this day, 7 years later, I still use this method to help me solve problems and learn, in work and in life, more effectively. I highly recommend Michael to anyone looking to not only improve their grades but also to improve their ability to problem-solve and appreciate learning.”
–Joe S, ex-high school student

“Prior to working with Michael, I had very little hope of actually pursuing my dream to work in the aerospace industry as an engineer. Yet here I am, finishing an engineering degree at A&M this Fall and working at Bell Helicopter as an engineer. I wasn’t good at math. I didn’t like math (in fact, I avoided it). With Michael’s help, I came to understand the importance of not only mathematics, but also reason, rationality, and a constant pursuit of knowledge. His emphasis on critical thinking and questioning changes the fundamental way student’s think about and approach problems, regardless of the specific nature of the problem. In other words, don’t expect him to do your homework – expect to come out asking for seconds. You will take away a lot more than you ever expected, and it will stick with you for a long time. I honestly wish more teachers were like Michael – maybe they should take a lesson or two! I cannot recommend Michael enough for any student of any subject, this guy is simply the best.”
–Drew T, ex-high school student

“You are the best tutor who gets the best result Matt has worked with. Thank you again.”
–Dennis P, parent of a high school student

“You Sir, are a miracle worker…. Can’t believe Tay got an 83 on Calc test!!! Thank you SO much!”
–Adrienne W, parent of a college student

“Thank you, Michael. He is gaining some confidence in what he does know and quickly admitting what he needs to work on. I am very happy with this method.”
–Cathy L, parent of a high school student

“Jack made a 100 on his major test today!!!!! He is so proud! Thanks so much!!!”
–Joy R, parent of a high school student

“When Colby got in the van today I asked, How was Class? He replied, ‘That was awesome.’ so…thanks!”
–Mary H, parent of a high school student

“‘Use logic in math’ is my motto.”
–Sophia S, high school student

“Jack made an 87 on his test. That’s his highest test grade yet in pre AP chemistry! We are thrilled! Thank you!”
–Joy R, parent of a high school student

“I wanted to thank you again for the ACT prep class. I got a 30 on the ACT on my first try. Your classes really prepared me – there’s no way I could have gotten that without your help. So THANK YOU!”
–Jessica P, high school student

“Why didn’t [so-and-so test prep company] ever tell me this??”
–Brian C, high school student

“On my geometry quiz I got a 98% and it went really well and I felt I knew the info. Thank you for all the help and for assisting me when I did not understand something.”
–Casey C, high school student

“[The twins] did well on [their geometry final]. Got 90+.”
–Mythili R, parent of high school students

“If math was explained to me like this, I would have understood it a long time ago!”
–Brooke Z, high school student

“Thank you again for your efforts and wonderful tutoring for both the SAT and ACT prep classes. I think the benefits reach far beyond good scores on standardized tests. I believe the skills you teach and emphasize have a tremendous impact on our kiddos critical thinking as well. You are greatly appreciated by our family!”
–Michelle F, parent of a high school student

“You’re one heck of a tutor. College is a lot easier due to the way you taught me how to think.”
–Josh P, ex-high school student

“Thank you so much for giving your time to teach the ACT and SAT prep classes. I really appreciate it, and I believe that it helped me greatly in taking the tests. I am very happy with my scores.”
–Courtney F, high school student

At school we just memorize and repeat stuff back; you teach me to understand.”
–John T, high school student

“Mr. Gold I have to say without a doubt you are the smartest teacher I have ever met.”
–Alec K, high school student

“Michael are you ready: important Maths quiz score 81 and less important quizlet 100!!!! Yeah!!”
–Corinna C, parent of a high school student

“Thanks for the [SAT] class – it was incredibly helpful and good practice.”
–Jessica P, high school student

“He went through his theorems, explained how any number to the power of 0 is actually 1, and then demonstrated how you taught him to work with polynomials vs. how his book taught him. Shall we say he likes your way better? He has read through everything you gave him plus tackled the homework……..you’ve really lit a fire under him.
–Helen G, parent of a middle school student

“My average is actually a 96 right now and I made a 94 on the last quiz. We’re still doing conics.”
–Kevin B, high school student

“Kyle had a positive response as well. It was hard to convince him to agree to do this tutoring session. He said [WebEx] was very hands on and elaborate. He’s willing to do next week’s session.” (Kyle was thinking that online tutoring would be frustrating and a waste of time.)
–Donna G, parent of a high school student

“With Mr. Gold’s help I managed to get a golden SAT score!!! My SAT score increased from a 1630 to a 1970!”
–Tia Z, high school student

“I wanted to thank you for all the help you’ve given Zach. … [Next year at college] he will be taking calculus. So, you probably will have to be tutoring him or hopefully will tutor him in the fall. Thanks for all your help this past year. Zach would not have passed precalculus at all or done near as well on his SAT or ACT test without your help.”
–Cindy Q, parent of a high school student

“Had a microbiology midterm this morning. On the exam there was a bacterial growth problem that required a little bit of math to determine the answer. I could not for the life of me recall the equation we were told to use…luckily I was able to reason out the equation using some logarithm rules (which I can’t believe I remembered lol). Who knew you could use reason and math(?!?!?) to answer a science-concept question. Here I thought science was just about the memorization and regurgitation of knowledge. Glad I had someone to teach me how to think!”
–Rajiv R, ex-high school and college tudent

Michael expounds all that is science in such an interesting and exciting way! He always keeps my kids engaged and thinking that science is fun! He presents science in a logical, rational, integrated way – making it easy and possible to take everything they are learning and apply it in ‘the real world’… not just a list of useless facts, but tangible, knowable, valuable life lessons. He builds a great foundation with biology first and all the rest of the sciences following and integrating from there. Who knew that biology, physics, physical fitness, and chemistry are all related and integrated? Just take a few science classes with Michael, and you’ll see for yourself! Whether you’re homeschooling and want to seriously upgrade your science curriculum or just want to supplement your child’s deplorably lacking public school science education. Michael will make science fun, interesting, and relevant to your kids’ lives – and yours!”
–Melanie H, parent of three homeschoolers to whom I taught science

“I recommend to any parent that seriously cares about their child’s educational well-being — as well as their mental and physical health — to get in touch with Michael Gold and get started with him right away! His holistic and hierarchical approach to learning and understanding the world is a must when helping your child prepare for their future. My three children study with Michael, and I couldn’t be more pleased with their progress. He makes learning fun!”
–Melanie H, mother of three honeschoolers to whom I taught science

“Gifted kids are truly ‘special needs’ kids, as much as children on the other end of the spectrum. It is challenging to parent a kid like this but we muddle through somehow!!! I’m so pleased that we found you because you can challenge him in ways that I simply can’t. I’m excited to see where he goes under your tutorage. :)”
–Helen G, parent of a middle school student

“I hope more kids go to you for tutoring; you made me enjoy learning again.
–Jacob L, ex-high school student

“I passed my welding engineer course after three years of studying on my own and applying the basic principles you instilled in me. I am now a certified Apprentice Welding Inspector recognized by the American Welding Society. The skills you taught me allow me to outperform even on tests that are initially of an unfamiliar subject matter just due to the logic and the testing rules you taught me years ago. Thank you!”
–Jimi T, ex-high school student

“You are doing an awesome job with how you handle him. I love the way you explain things to him. You are very kind and patient. Thank you.”
–Vicki W, parent of a middle school student

“I used to go to some Exam Reviews where a guy would just spend hours teaching you a bunch of tricks to help you barely get by in your classes. People would spend a bunch of money on these classes and still end up doing poorly in their classes. When I talked to students who did well in the same classes, they all really understood the material. When I did what these students did (spent more time reading the textbook, practicing problems, etc.), I would perform much better in my classes. My grades shot up. And Mr. Gold was an important part of my program to understand.” (He was a student I worked with for years who went off to college out of town. He found he needed to come back to town sometimes to get some good quality help.)
–Rajiv R, ex-high school student

“Oh! I just found out I made a 93 on the [AP Statistics] project-YAY!”
–Taylor R, high school student

“I just wanted to say hi and thanks for your help with Physics! This fall I am either going to take Calculus 1 over again or take Calc 2. … Either way I am sure you’ll be hearing from me.”
–Casey L, college student

“Also, she just called me & said she made a 92 on her math test that she took right before spring break. :)) I’m very happy for her. THANK YOU! It would NOT be possible without your support!!!! I don’t know what she’s going to do at college!!!”
–Melissa S, parent of a high school student

“Thank you. Without you, my son would not have gotten a B. I don’t know what we would have done.”
–Marshall B, parent of a high school student

“I have been super busy trying to establish a career in entertainment while finishing up my degree. You have had a profound impact on my life approach and philosophy. Your teachings of self-reliance, true freedom and accountability have helped me become a more disciplined and well rounded person. Thank you.”
–John T, ex-high school and college student

“I learn more from you in one hour than I do from school in a month.”
–John T, high school student

“You clearly love what you do and are good at it. It comes through.”
–Rob S, MBA student

“He worked with our teen homeschoolers years ago. And since then I’ve only heard great things about him from over the years. He is a great teacher and a nice person!!! He has inspired me personally to eat less, move more and most importantly THINK more-lol!!!
–Mary H, parent of an ex-high school student

“We really enjoyed the Ecology class with Michael Gold! He chose a wonderful textbook for my daughter to use: ‘Minnesota’s Natural Heritage.’ He made it interesting, relevant, and understandable. As a homeschool mom, it’s always a challenge to find good teachers that I can rely on to supplement the holistic education I try to give my children. Michael does just that! He’s knowledgeable, thorough, logical, and even brings a sense of humor to the class! I can’t recommend him highly enough.”
–Melanie H, Outschool parent of a high school student

“When I met Michael Gold at a high school open house in 2008, I was impressed by qualifications and expertise in tutoring. Our daughter Maggie had a full schedule and opted for semi-private and private tutorials. Maggie got the remediation and test tactics she needed from Mr. Gold in half the traditional time it takes through testing companies. Our fees were also considerably less. He hones in on student needs and builds from there. We were very pleased with our SAT and ACT test results. She is getting letters from many upper-tier private colleges. I would recommend Mr. Gold to any ambitious high school junior.”
–Carol V, parent of an ex-high school student

“In high school I got tutored by Michael Gold, and if you decide to have your child or yourself be tutored by Michael, I can assure you he will be an immense help; but what he does is beyond being a tutor. Michael provokes and encourages logical, rational thinking that you will use beyond your time with him. He helped me develop critical thinking that immensely benefited me in University, with math, philosophy, sciences, even silly facebook arguments; he will teach you how to deconstruct complex problems and come to a decision yourself. I honestly can only speak of the good that Michael does.”
–Jacob L, ex-high school student

“We have worked with Michel for four years. He has helped our daughter greatly improve both her math skills and her self-esteem. He is very professional, always on time, and provides accurate account balances. He also supplies resources to assist between sessions. I would highly recommend Gold Academy.”
–Kathy K, parent of a high school student

“We have been tutoring with Michael for 2 years and we are very happy! Our children love going to tutoring and are disappointed if we miss a session. We definitely recommend him to anyone looking for tutoring for their children!”
–Kendall W, parent of high school student

“We utilized the tutoring services of Michael Gold for myself for AP statistics. We chose Michael Gold based on the recommendation from one of his former students. I responded well to Michael’s unique style of tutoring. Michael worked hard to find real world examples of statistics in practice based on my hobbies and interests. Michael never rushed through sessions and made sure I had mastered a concept before moving forward. He also provides additional reading material which were applicable to numerous areas of study other than statistics. I highly recommend Michael for any tutoring services.”
–Jacob A, ex-high school student

“Michael worked with my son when he was in high school. My son is now in college and when he found out he had to take a challenging math class the first thing he though was…..”I need Mr. Gold”. He made a huge difference for my son and I appreciate everything he has done and will do to help him succeed with his education.”
–Lillian K, parent of a high school student

“He was an amazing help for my son! He truly cared about him as a student and not just for the hour he was with him. I would highly recommend him!
–Annette J, parent of a high school student

“Overall, extremely helpful. Mr. Gold worked with me in college algebra, ACT, and geometry for two years. I still remember a lot of the things we when over. Also he’ll not only motivate you to be a better student, but a better person as well.
–Theodore G, ex-high school student