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Testimonials: Logic and Thinking Skills

Testimonials: Logic and Thinking Skills

“Michael introduced me to thinking about problems as a whole and inductively (a thought process which has helped in every form of learning). To this day, 7 years later, I still use this method to help me solve problems and learn, in work and in life, more effectively. I highly recommend Michael to anyone looking to not only improve their grades but also to improve their ability to problem-solve and appreciate learning.”
–Joe S, business professional

“With Michael’s help, I came to understand the importance of not only mathematics, but also reason, rationality, and a constant pursuit of knowledge. I cannot recommend Michael enough for any student of any subject, this guy is simply the best.”
–Drew T, aerospace engineer

“I really did learn more than geometry and math taking classes with you. I learned to reason and use logic to start solving things in everyday life. It’s pretty useful at work when I use reasoning to find root causes, and to find and fix problems. You teach people how to THINK!”
–Dylan T, engineer

“I passed my welding engineer course after three years of studying on my own and applying the basic principles you instilled in me. I am now a certified Apprentice Welding Inspector recognized by the American Welding Society. The skills you taught me allow me to outperform even on tests that are initially of an unfamiliar subject matter just due to the logic and the testing rules you taught me years ago. Thank you!”
–Jimi T, engineer

“I believe the skills you teach and emphasize have a tremendous impact on our kiddos critical thinking as well. You are greatly appreciated by our family!”
–Michelle F, parent of a high school student

“You’re one heck of a tutor. College is a lot easier due to the way you taught me how to think.”
–Josh P, ex-high school student; college student

“Michael provokes and encourages logical, rational thinking that you will use beyond your time with him. He helped me develop critical thinking that immensely benefited me. He will teach you how to deconstruct complex problems and come to a decision yourself.
–Jacob L, ex-high school student

“At school we just memorize and repeat stuff back; you teach me to understand.”
–John T, high school student

“Michael presents science in a logical, rational, integrated way – making it easy and possible to take everything they are learning and apply it in ‘the real world’… not just a list of useless facts, but tangible, knowable, valuable life lessons.”
–Melanie H, parent of three homeschoolers to whom I taught science

“Gold’s tutoring helped me achieve A’s in my classes and great scores on standardized tests, but this was just the ‘tip of the iceberg.’ With each lesson I also learned how to better think logically, carefully, and reasonably. These skills are essential to life and have helped me immensely — I still use the learning/study methods I developed through Gold’s lessons to earn top scores in many college courses and to do well in my work and hobbies. I will forever be grateful to Gold Academy, and highly recommend the service to any student who is looking to start learning, thinking and living.”
–Rajiv R, ex-high school student; genetics/microbiology scientist

“My teenage son enjoyed this class. A lot of material was covered. The instructor was very passionate about his subject.”
–Jean, Outschool parent, “Logic Essentials: How to Think Well,” 19 Dec 2020

“Really enjoyable class from a teacher that cared and knows his stuff.”
–Anthony S., Outschool parent, “Logic Essentials: How to Think Well,” 19 Jul 2020

“Mr. Gold’s class was wonderful and our daughter enjoyed it. Mr. Gold kept her thinking. We highly recommend it.”
–Joseph P., Outschool parent, “Logic Corner: Generalization: Its Nature, Its Rules, Its Deep Importance,”3 Apr 2020

“Our daughter really enjoyed this class. She couldn’t wait to share what she learned with us, We highly recommend this class.”
–Joseph P., Outschool parent, “Logic Corner: Concepts, Our Unit of Knowledge,” 3 Apr 2020

“My daughter truly enjoyed the class and has motivated her further study in science. She also appreciated Mr. Gold’s passion and excitement for science!”
–Chigusa, Outschool parent, “Logic Corner: What Is Science?,” 12 Feb 2020

“Both my kids, age 13 and 15, enjoyed this Logic class. It was very challenging and the kids really had to think!”
–Cat, Outschool parent, “Logic Essentials: How to Think Well,” 21 Feb 2020

Michael Gold’s “Summer Geometry Preview/Review” was a in-depth yet efficient way (8-classes over a two-week period @ 1.5 hours per class) to get a preview of what to expect in the fall. My daughter wants to stay sharp over the summer (around the fun and relaxation that all kids need) and the structure of a class that meets live is the only option for us. Also, the class was comprised of like-minded students and a nice group of kids.

We first came to know Mr. Gold through his “Logic Essentials: How to Think Well” class. I highly recommend this class because logic and deductive reasoning are the cornerstones of thinking well. We need our kids to flag poor arguments and discern the truth. Unless you are attending an elite prep school, I don’t know where you would find exposure to a class like this. I am so grateful that Mr. Gold makes this class offering available. So when I shared Mr. Gold’s Geometry offering with my daughter, she wanted to sign up knowing he is a wonderful teacher.

What was most telling – my daughter never forgot about the class date or time. I know Mr. Gold is engaging because if I walked past her room, she was never distracted. He connected with kids on all fronts using lecture, illustrating problems on the board and showing YouTube videos. He has a warm personality, inflection in his voice and good sense humor. After each class ended, my daughter wanted to show me her notes and explain a problem set she learned. Also, I received a detailed email from Mr. Gold outlining everything that was covered in each class, along with links to videos, books, geometry worksheets and more. I also appreciate that homework was optional – your child can leisurely gain exposure or go all out on mastering the subject matter – there’s no pressure.

Michael Gold has high standards for teaching and truly cares about his students. My family joins his long list of five star reviews because he’s that good. My daughter and I highly recommend Mr. Gold’s ‘Summer Geometry Preview/Review’ and ‘Logic Essentials: How to Think Well’. We enthusiastically encourage you to sign up for any class he teaches!
–Mary B, Outschool parent, “Summer Geometry Preview/Review, Session 1,” 19 Aug 2020