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Optimal thought and optimal fitness through reason, logic, science, passion, and wisdom.
Gold Academy

Gold Academy

Optimal thought and optimal fitness through reason, logic, science, passion, and wisdom. Teaching. Training. Consulting.


Deep. Practical. Effective. Valuable. Whether your needs are corporate, group, or personal, I can help you or your team think better and be more logical to communicate better, make better quality and more-informed decisions, and...


Whatever your needs and background — high school or college athlete, adult wanting to get back into shape without getting broken, youth wanting to get set for life with a good program, high school or...

Gold Academy: Academics, Logic, Fitness

Hello! Welcome!

For private tutoring, education consulting, corporate training — you are in the right place.

Having a degree in Mathematics, a degree in Philosophy, Teacher’s Credentials, a MovNat Level 2 Fitness Trainer Certification — and decades of experience teaching, tutoring, training, thinking, learning, and improving — I am here to help you achieve.

To start working to achieve optimal thought or optimal fitness, contact me by phone at 281-770-2276 or by email at

Looking to get that better grade for yourself or your child? And to lay the foundation for success all through life?

I am available to help with all levels of Mathematics, with Physics and Chemistry, with the SAT and ACT, and with thinking skills that go deeper than and beyond study skills. We have a few options for tutoring and classes: in person, via the Internet, or via Outschool.

Looking for Teacher Training? Corporate Training in Thinking Skills?

Looking to become a better teacher to help your students not only in your class but also in their later schooling and life? I am available to consult with teachers, schools, and homeschool parents on curriculum, teaching, and education.

Looking to improve the deep, practical thinking and logic skills of yourself, your team, your company, or your school? I am available to train business professionals, teachers, adults, students, companies, and schools in logic and thinking skills.

Looking for Fitness Training or Physical Education? Total Fitness?

Looking to further develop your real-world fitness and athletic competence and prowess? Looking to improve your mobility and GPP? I am available for everyone and anyone, at any level of fitness — student, teacher, adult, business professional, athlete, soldier, first responder — to give you real-world, practical competence and all the physical prowess you can achieve, from wherever you start.

You have the option of individual, one-on-one sessions or group classes. Some sessions can be held anywhere in the US or the world via the Internet, on services like Skype or Outschool. Regular, frequent, in-person meetings are available in Houston, TX, and surrounding area, only. For in-person sessions outside of Houston, please contact me for arrangements.

To make it easy for each student and to properly build their knowledge and mastery, I teach in a step-by-step, logical manner. Confidence, subject mastery, and success come from conceptual understanding. Rote acquaintance is not enough.

Get started on Optimal Fitness and Optimal Thinking now.

You may contact me by email at or by phone at 281-770-2276.


Michael Gold

Optimal thought and optimal fitness through reason, logic, science, passion, and wisdom.

“Michael introduced me to thinking about problems as a whole and inductively (a thought process which has helped in every form of learning). To this day, 7 years later, I still use this method to help me solve problems and learn, in work and in life, more effectively. I highly recommend Michael to anyone looking to improve their ability to problem-solve and appreciate learning.” —Joe S, ex-high school student

“Exercising in the woods with Michael has benefited me more than any other type of workout that I have done with any trainer. I enjoy the natural movements and the unlimited variety of exercises that Michael routinely exhibits in the outdoors. Climbing trees, carrying logs and asymmetrical objects, learning to balance on uneven surfaces, and strengthening ligaments, rather than just muscles, are unique exercises Michael utilizes. He is more than just your typical trainer as he covers your overall well-being. I am a freshman on the LSU football team and can attest that Michael is an excellent strength coach.” –Carlton S, ex-high school student and athlete

“I recommend to any parent that seriously cares about their child’s educational well-being — as well as their mental and physical health — to get in touch with Michael Gold and get started with him right away! His holistic and hierarchical approach to learning and understanding the world is a must when helping your child prepare for their future. My three children study with Michael, and I couldn’t be more pleased with their progress. He makes learning fun!” — Melanie K, mother of three to whom I teach science

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