Optimal thought and optimal fitness through reason, logic, science, passion, and wisdom.
Fitness is Holistic
Fitness is Holistic

Fitness is Holistic

Because of bad ideas in our culture, too many people “exercise” their way into dysfunction. That hurts my heart.

They are “sold a bill of goods,” so they “just do it” or practice a constrained, compartmentalized fitness system. Hence they fall apart wholly, or they try to maintain one system while all other systems and while the whole fall apart. (Compartmentalized fitness systems are fine if they are part of the bigger picture and a holistic practice, but are not fine if they are done in isolation.)

Fitness and optimal function come from following human nature and biomechanics come from understanding physics, biology, evolution, and ecology.

Let’s be true to our nature by being true to human reason: a cognitive faculty of induction, concept-formation, and integration (and, yeah, deduction and other stuff).

But, yeah, if someone does not want to live a human life on earth, striving for optimal mental and physical function and for happiness — they can do as they please. However, while they can evade reality they cannot evade the real consequences of their evasions.

Let’s be real, be true, and be good. Hoo-yah!

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