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The Examined Life
The Examined Life

The Examined Life

Out walking my cat around my apartment complex the day after Christmas, some lady stopped her car as she was driving through the parking lot, rolled down her window, and talked about how cool she thought it was that I took my cat out like that.

She said that at first, weeks ago, she was offended because, following some of the sexism in our culture, she said she associated cats with women.

But then she said, as time went by, she thought about it more and she realized that I was getting my cat outside because I loved it. I wanted it to move around, to not be cooped up, to get sunshine and nature.

She stopped because she wanted to tell me she appreciated it. :):):)

We should have her courage and honesty in all things. (Or at least as much as we each have the strength for at this point in our own life.)

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