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Science Is For Practice
Science Is For Practice

Science Is For Practice

Proper science is integrated and inductive, and it, like thriving and practical success in life, depend on cause-effect, which depends on recognizing and following the law of identity. In the Q&A “Why Should Horses Be Barefoot,” Louise Bach-Holler said:
The [horse]shoe was invented because poorly conceived boarding conditions made the horses sore-footed and the hooves deteriorate — becoming brittle and weak. It is important to understand that most hoof problems that we see stems from bad boarding conditions (too much confinement, unnatural feeding, too little movement etc.) and not from genetic failure. Anything you nail or glue to the hoof will impede the hoof mechanism and thereby weaken the hooves and the horse’s health in general. (c) by AANHCP
Convention and bad philosophies of science — that of Kant, Plato, Dewey — are what have brought us poor, non-optimal treatment of horses. But convention and bad philosophies of science are, unfortunately, what are taught in most schools. We need to get back to an Aristotelian approach, the approach of Hippocrates, Galileo, Kepler (the “good Kepler”), Newton, Harvey, Lavoisier, and Darwin.

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