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Poor Education –> Unhealthy Dogs
Poor Education –> Unhealthy Dogs

Poor Education –> Unhealthy Dogs

In “Veterinary Nutritionists Promote Pet Food Containing Corn, Wheat and Soy” (1-2-13), Dr. Becker writes:
In the past few months, I’ve written about what seems to be a concerted effort by some board-certified veterinary nutritionists to talk up the so-called ‘benefits’ of grain-based dog and cat diets and the pet food companies that sell those products. … Seldom mentioned by the traditional veterinary community (and NEVER mentioned by big pet food companies) is that pet dogs and cats acquire diseases their counterparts in the wild do not. Clearly one of the biggest differences between house pets and wild canines and felines is the food they eat. © Copyright 1997-2013 Dr. Joseph Mercola. All Rights Reserved.
Agreed. Same with people, and our children: diet is a major cause of the illnesses and dysfunctions we have today. The fundamental cause is a lack of reason and logic. Let’s love our dogs and cats — by loving ourselves and acting according to our nature: rational animals.

Wild dogs eat right.  Picture from Wikipedia.

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