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Let Them Know, Let Them Feel, Let Them Live
Let Them Know, Let Them Feel, Let Them Live

Let Them Know, Let Them Feel, Let Them Live


“Wow that water is high. I didn’t know it could do that. Fascinating.”
Amazing how much is contained in one simple moment, in one idea, and one choice.
I would let Heiric look at things — water, people, horses, cows — like this. If I had to sit there or stand there for five or 10 or 30 minutes, so be it. I’d do it as much as time allowed.
I was not like the all too many people who pull on the reigns and kick in the side their horses, and who not let them experience anything while out. “Shut up. Obey. Do you what you are told. Turn your mind off. Turn your feelings off.”
Animals, each on their own, need to learn about the world, experience it, and evaluate it. Not letting them do so is wrong. Not letting them do so is saying “don’t think. Don’t feel” — things we must do to live.
So it’s good for a person to “smell the flowers” or gaze at the stars or look at beautiful scenery or take in some new experience fully, but it is not good for a horse? Or an animal?
To hell with that.
Animals should know the world they are in. They should know much as much about it as possible.
Because I was selfish, I did that for my horse. Because I loved him. And because selfishness is a principle: it is not an idea that lets you subordinate others to yourself; it is an idea that says every individual can and should live for itself.

R.I.P. Bey Heiric
(Not that animals can be selfish. Since only man has free will and reason, only man can achieve it. But we can identify something similar in many animals: self-preservation, self-generated action, a limited and individual consciousness (there is no other), personal values, an individual life. And we should respect that.)

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