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What Science Says About the Cat Play Sequence
What Science Says About the Cat Play Sequence

What Science Says About the Cat Play Sequence

The Cat Whisperer Mieshelle Nagelschneider wrote an interesting article about the nature of the cat and how it hunts, and therefore how it needs to be played with.

In “The All-Important Cat Play Sequence” (April 14, 2015; reprinted on the Website Jeffers Blogs with permission of Modern Cat Magazine), Mieshelle says:
Many cat owners tell me they have “tried everything” and have had no luck getting their cats to so much as bat at a toy mouse. And those cat owners that can get their cats to play often find that play culminates in nothing more than frustration for both cat and owner. During such scenarios, the cat’s tension and stress build, and the appetitive behaviour (that which fulfills a need or compulsion to hunt, for example) may not be fulfilled, leaving the cat dissatisfied. In my practice, I try to help the cat owner get inside the mind of their cat to help them help their cat fully express all of his instinctual behaviours, including the hunting motor pattern sequence.     Copyright © 2016 · Jeffers – All Rights Reserved
I recommend you read the whole thing. It is insightful.

Science helps us achieve health and happiness. Embrace it.

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