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What Science Says About Fitness
What Science Says About Fitness

What Science Says About Fitness

In “Fitness VS Movement: Science Shows Quality Training Matters,” the folks at MovNat write:
In gyms all across the world, millions of people are unknowingly settling for sub-par fitness results, no matter how hard they work. It’s true that traditional fitness training delivers many benefits, but according to a recent study, movement-based training offers even better results with fewer negative effects. Movement training also has more “carry-over” when performing outside the gym (e.g. in real life).

The researchers tell us: “For the purpose of preventing musculoskeletal injuries and improving performance within populations that are exposed to highly variable task demands (e.g., athletes, firefighters, and military service personnel), it could be questioned whether conventional approaches to exercise are sufficient…recent evidence has shown that improvements in strength or joint range-of-motion in isolation may have little influence on how someone performs an unrehearsed whole-body task…This finding suggests that perhaps the physical preparation of firefighters, or any other high-risk occupational or athletic group, is likely unattainable by emphasizing improvements on general tests of physical fitness alone.”
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