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Complex Movements in Complex Environments Are Good For Your Brain
Complex Movements in Complex Environments Are Good For Your Brain

Complex Movements in Complex Environments Are Good For Your Brain

Fitness, to be optimal and appropriate for a human, should involve complex movement and complex environments.
Scientific info that complexity matters is found in the article “Environment complexity stimulates visual cortex neurogenesis: death of a dogma and a research career” by Michael S. Kaplan.
Introduction by the Editor of the Journal: “Over the past few years [since 2001], the classic idea that no new nerve cells are born in the adult mammalian brain has finally and conclusively been refuted by the scientific community. Yet, the first indications that neurogenesis occurs in the brain of adult mammals were obtained using light and electron microscopy over two decades ago. Why this went unrecognized is described in a personal account by the researcher who pioneered those studies: Michael Kaplan.”
Excerpt: “My undergraduate work from 1974 is now the first evidence that the environment might increase the rate of neurogenesis in young adult mammals visual cortex. The high rate of turnover of new neurons has made it more difficult to speculate their functional significance, yet we now know that every day, thousands of new neurons are added to the mammalian brain 10,12,13,32. This astonishing continual addition over a lifetime implies significant structural change, and the magnitude of this process signifies its tremendous significance in CNS functioning, including, for example, short and long term learning and memory.”
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