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The Amazing Vitamin D
The Amazing Vitamin D

The Amazing Vitamin D

Interesting. We learn more and more about Vitamin D as we conceptualize the things of and causes in reality.

In “Sunlight and Vitamin D,” the folks at Uvguide.co.uk write:

Calcediol [25-hydroxy-vitamin D3] is then circulated in the bloodstream all around the body. In the kidneys, some is converted to the active hormone calcetriol. This plays a major part in calcium metabolism, governing the levels of calcium in the blood by controlling absorption of calcium from the gut and also from the bones, should dietary levels be inadequate for the body’s needs.

Calcediol has also, in recent years, been found to play a vital part in the normal functioning of other organs. It is taken up by cells throughout the body, and converted intracellularly to calcetriol. This local action has beneficial effects upon the immune system, the cardiovascular system, and in preventing cells in many organs from becoming cancerous by controlling cell division.

There is also new evidence that skin cells in sunlight can actually complete the entire pathway from provitamin D to calcetriol intracellularly, which may increase the skin’s resistance to cancer.

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