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SWOD 4-20-15
SWOD 4-20-15

SWOD 4-20-15

Every 20-60 minutes, depending on what works for you, do:

roll your ankles 5 times, each direction (work on mobility!!!!!)
roll your knees 5 times, each direction
roll your arms 5 times
play jacks (for eye-hand coordination) for 30-60 seconds
jump up in air 10 times (or do some squats, if you cannot jump where you are)
do a short bear crawl, then return with a crab crawl
hold a squat for 10-30 seconds

Mix it up. Do some of this once, the rest later. Add variations to mix it up. For jacks, you could try bouncing two balls, or try competing with someone; or, instead of playing jacks, you could toss a ball or two back and forth with someone.

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