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Snared by Contradictions
Snared by Contradictions

Snared by Contradictions

Silly things said by people who say “math is stupid,” “math is useless,” or “I’ll never use this in life:”
1.  What is my heart rate?
2.  Is my heart rate lower than yours after the 100-yard dash?
3.  What time is it?
4.  How long till we get there?
5.  How much insulin do I need?
6.  What is my yearly salary?
7.  What percent increase in salary do I get?
8.  What’s my hourly pay?
9.  How many hours of work do I get this week?
10. How much does this car cost?
11. What’s my monthly payment?
12. How many gigs/terras does my computer drive have?
13. How fast is my computer?
14. How old am I?
15.  What’s my temperature?
16.  How much above normal is my temperature? (Normal being an average.)

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