Optimal thought and optimal fitness through reason, logic, science, passion, and wisdom.


In the hands of someone like Galileo, intelligence is powerful and effective.

In the hands of some people, however, “intelligence” is empty and useless. Their “intelligence” merely allows them to more quickly decide to be narrow-minded on a certain position, and be well-informed in their narrow-mindedness.  They operate on implicit ideas like: “I can make stuff up in my head faster than you can adduce and connect facts, therefore you are stupid and inferior.”

People intelligent like Galileo are objective and independent; the other kind of people are not. The latter have never discovered reason and logic: means of consistently and non-contradictorily connecting our ideas to reality.

“Intelligence” makes some people difficult students, coworkers, and bosses, because it makes them complacent in their arrogant ignorance.

The failure to reason properly is sad.

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