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Science Is for Practice 2
Science Is for Practice 2

Science Is for Practice 2

In the Q&A “Why Should Horses Be Barefoot,” Jaime Jackson said:
The biology of Equus Caballus, the result of 1.4 million years of natural selection, demands that we work with its nature — not against it. The equine species is genuinely adapted to go barefoot. It is only through human ignorance of the horse’s natural state that led us to the incorrect, and harmful, conclusion that shoes are necessary — or useful. They aren’t, and, moreover, contribute significantly to the lameness we see everywhere around the world. (c) by AANHCP
To understand how horses should be taken care of, we must understand what a horse is, and to do that, we need to look at it in nature and in history. But to do this, we need to have a proper view of science, reasoning, and logic, all of which start, not with convention, but with the evidence of the senses.

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