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Progression & Pedagogy

In education and physical action, we need to grasp the concept of progression. We must do a little before we do a lot, do some before we do more. Some people want to or expect themselves to do something immediately. If they cannot, they give up. How sad. Or they are pushed to do something they are not ready to do. Unfortunate.
In math, before we can keep track of our finances, or do even more, and keep track of our investments, we must learn growth and decay calculations, but before we do that we must learn how to work with exponents and percents, but before we do that we must learn how to add, subtract, multiply, and divide, but before we do that we must learn our numbers and how to count.
In physical action, to do a handstand, we should do headstands and should do handstands against a wall, but before we do that we should do planks.

As we learn from physical activities, we should break skills down into prior skills and concepts till we get to actions someone can do, then build the person up to the advanced skill.

We should build up step-by-step, depending on what a particular student needs. We should apply general, abstract cognitive norms to each individual. We should unify the abstract and the concrete.

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