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Physics and Your “Ride”
Physics and Your “Ride”

Physics and Your “Ride”

In “Un-pimp Your Ride,” Katy Bowman applies force vectors to the body to show how to get out of a car. Interesting stuff — showing “when are we ever going to use this” is silliness. 

She said about her blog post:
This is a quick list of what you can do in regards to your car, to make driving less harmful to your back. There’s not much you can do about what it does for your knees and hips, but at least we can do something to take you out of the posterior pelvic tilt. Which means, if you have (or don’t want to have) any sort of lumbar spine or pelvic floor issue, follow these guidelines.
I’ve taken her advice and started to use a towel in my truck seat. Feels better. Glad I did. As Katy says in her post, the towels give you better posture, they help you get your hips and back in the right place. It’s geometry — and physics.

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