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Reasoning Right in Context of Exercise
Reasoning Right in Context of Exercise

Reasoning Right in Context of Exercise

We should spend lots of time barefoot, and should take good care of our feet. We suffer from too many bad ideas about our feet and our footwear — too much “cultural pressure,” too much pseudo-science from some shoe companies, too much pressure from government, too much decision by feeling and ignorance. Instead, we need an integrated, inductive perspective.

In “Building An Unbreakable Body, “ Kate Galliet says:
When you’re built for heaps of movement capacity, and you use only a tiny smidge of what you’re capable of, the rest of it drops off over time because it’s just not being used. And when we start to lose ‘tone’ to the muscles of the foot, we start paying for that ‘not-free-lunch’ by doing silly things like altering the way our hips stack over our legs, reducing the force with which our glutes fire and shifting where the load of our body rests over our feet.

In case you missed that, there’s no free lunch gang. Your glute strength is being affected by what’s happening or not happening in your feet. Your core strength and posture is being affected by how your feet move and what direction they face. Your knee pain or your plantar fascia discomfort in the bottom of your foot? The likely payment for sub-optimal foot position, mobility, and strength.
And she says:
So what are the 6 Pillars then? So glad you asked!

The 6 Pillars are:-
strong feet
– strong glutes
– hip stability
– strong core
– postural strength
– scapular stability

The 6 Pillars are to movement excellence as eating a low-inflammation, high-protein diet is to ‘common’ diseases and health challenges. They’re the starting point for everything and the foundation for all other things.
Thank you, Kate!!! We need more people who reason and use logic like this!! This is how we should be learning things in school. 

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