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Overcome and Achieve
Overcome and Achieve

Overcome and Achieve

Did it! I’m not sure how much that thing weighs: 150-250 pounds, probably more toward the higher end.

I have wanted to try squatting this for a while, but have been stopped by fear, ignorance, and uncertainty. “How much does it weigh? Can I do that? Have I yet recovered knee and leg strength enough from my December 2017 injury of both knees? What if I get hurt?”

I figured I could do it, though. So, today, I went for it. Yup. As I thought. Within my strength and capacity. Sweet.

But now I want to be able to lift it with both my arms underneath and with it held against my chest, instead of with one arm over and one under, as you see here. And I want to lift it and carry it on one shoulder.

More success and achievement to come.

I would have done more squats, but I had to get home teach teach ACT prep: today, geometry, thinking skills, and parallelism (in grammar). Now, I’m listening to a deep philosophical lecture entitled ”The Foundations of Knowledge” by Dr. Harry Binswanger. And making breakfast! I’m hungry

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