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Look Beyond the Obvious
Look Beyond the Obvious

Look Beyond the Obvious

In “The Biomechanics of Good Running,” Jeff Beckham says:
If you’re a runner and you can’t extend your hip well behind you on your stride, Jay Dicharry has bad news: You’re never going to be a great runner.

Dicharry is the director of the Speed Performance Clinic and the Motion Analysis Lab Coordinator At The University Of Virginia.

Most runners don’t extend their hips, Dicharry said. Tight hips might be genetic, or maybe they occur over time after sitting for long stretches. But as you run, you’ll lose the power that propels you forward if your leg doesn’t extend back behind you far enough on your stride before you bring it forward again.

Along with a lack of hip extension, overstriding is one of the biggest sins. If your foot lands ahead of its center of gravity, your stride is too long. Allowing your posture to break down — specifically, arching your back as you strain to squeeze out those final strides — is a killer as well.
Just move: move fully, and correctly, in all the measures and varieties that a human is capable of moving. And think. Think beyond the obvious.

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