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In Running, As in Logic, the True is the Whole
In Running, As in Logic, the True is the Whole

In Running, As in Logic, the True is the Whole

In “How Kelly Starrett and Japan Fixed My Running Form” (Men’s Journal), Adharanand Finn wrote:
To run well is a skill, and to do it well your whole body needs to be functioning properly, not just your feet. This is why many people who take up barefoot or minimal running end up injured. You can’t just put on minimal shoes and start running unless your body, your hardware, is up to it.

The key is not the specifics of the muscle activation technique, but the basic issue it is attempting to resolve: my malfunctioning body. Both Kelly and Saxby are making the same point, and giving me some techniques to address it, namely that if I want to run well, with good form, and to avoid injury, my body needs to start functioning as it was designed to. My whole body, not just my feet.

As well as his torture sessions, Kelly has me doing core workout sessions using kettle bells and he gets me skipping. He is also a big fan of climbing trees as a way to improve function. ‘Form follows function,’ he keeps telling men, as I clamber around the wall bars in his warehouse gym in Devon.

All of this about returning our bodies to their natural state. As Saxby’s zoo humans, we’re compromised by our environment, which is set up to make life ever easier, but less active.
As Hegel (wrong on a heck of a lot, but right on this) said: The True is the Whole.

If you want help with getting your whole body functioning optimally, get in touch. I can help. Or get in touch with some other local MovNat Certified Trainer.

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