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WebEx Works
WebEx Works

WebEx Works

Do not be worried about online tutoring. No need to worry about it being too “impersonal” or clunky. It is effective and fun.

People have said:
“Kyle had a positive response as well. It was hard to convince him to agree to do this tutoring session. He said [WebEx] was very hands on and elaborate. He’s willing to do next week’s session.” —Donna G, mother of a high school student  (I had asked how they liked the session and the technology. As you can tell, he was very skeptical until he tried it!)

Thanks for the [SAT] class – it was incredibly helpful and good practice.” — Jessica P, high school student

See? It works. And other people have said similar things, and are happy with it. Gotta love the convenience, too: you get to stay home. No traffic, no fuss, no hassle. (Well, electronics and the Internet do act goofy sometimes.)

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