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Teaching Literature Right
Teaching Literature Right

Teaching Literature Right

In “An Idea Whose Time Has Come,” Lisa VanDamme wrote:
Hugo once said, “All the forces in the world are not so powerful as an idea whose time has come.” The time has come to abandon the conventional approach to literature, which leaves it mangled and mutilated. The time has come to once again understand that literature is art, meant to edify and to inspire. May this idea, whose time has come, defy all the forces of modern education.
A recommended read — both Lisa’s article, and Hugo’s Ninety-three.

I read Ninety-three in the 80s. I think I found a copy in the University of Pittsburgh library. Loved the book. Beautiful and magnificent.

You could buy a copy of the book from Paper Tiger, or download a free copy online.

Hugo’s novels The Man Who Laughs and Toilers of the Sea are also excellent. Highly recommended.

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