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Red Hawk Elementary

I like what Red Hawk does. They seem to recognize that mind is for movement.

Too many schools are becoming more and more anti-man. Too many force children to be immobile, to sit, to be quiet.

Man is made to move, to speak out, to be loud and proud.

A criticism I’d have, though, is having everyone dance to what some (like me) would regard as stupid music.  A gummy bear song? OMG. Give me a break. When I was in elementary school, I hated that stuff with a passion. It made me hate and distrust school, teachers, PE. I felt like I was being abused.

If kids like that music and like to dance to it, they can go for it. But don’t make everyone do it.

Kids should be allowed to do a range of activities and motions of their choosing, some simple, some complex. Complex movement is better for the brain and nervous system, for learning and remembering, but we have to have a scale of activity to fit individual abilities and to fit different circumstances: one student is tired and cannot do much one day; another student is tired from a hard workout the day before; another is energetic and ready to run.

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