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Summer or School Year — Up Your Game
Summer or School Year — Up Your Game

Summer or School Year — Up Your Game

Play hard, rest, and sleep, but work hard and study hard. Make the most of life.

Whether you or your child go to an elite private school or a public school, or do homeschooling — use the summer to get ready for the upcoming year, make up for educational deficiencies, or learn some thinking skills/study skills/logic; use the school year to get deep insight and deep understanding.

You will be hard-pressed, unfortunately, to find anyone better to help you or your child learn useful logic and gain deep understanding, to find anyone who can take your great education and make your or your kid’s mind function better: more efficient, more effective, and more true.

Get in touch today. Email michael@goldams.com or call/text 281-770-2276.

“Michael introduced me to thinking about problems as a whole and inductively (a thought process which has helped in every form of learning). To this day, 7 years later, I still use this method to help me solve problems and learn, in work and in life, more effectively. I highly recommend Michael to anyone looking to improve their ability to problem-solve and appreciate learning.” —Joe S

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