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Revolutionizing Science Education
Revolutionizing Science Education

Revolutionizing Science Education

What we need to do is make the teaching of science inductive and integrative. Throw out how it is done now.

In other words, we should teach science as practiced by Newton and all those who led to Newton’s discovery of universal gravitation, and as practiced by Darwin and all those who led to Darwin’s discovery of evolution. We should not do it as practiced by Plato or Ptolemy.

We should pick out the essentials of the sciences, as much as we might want to do this or that, as much as we might be in love ourselves with a certain aspect of a science, and teach by building generalization upon generalization, concept upon concept, from the evidence of the senses to abstract theories.

Too often, experiments are throw in for the sake of “doing an experiment.” They are too important for mere “class activities” or “hands-on learning.” They should drive reasoning and the direction we go in developing a science or train of thought.

And they should be put in context of an overall inductive approach: connecting facts according to causal connections in ever more abstract ways. And we should always have an important issue in mind: “how is this related to human life and human thriving?”

A lot of work? Yes. But, for the love of life and the reasoning human mind, worth it.

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