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Red-eared Slider

Red-eared Slider

Interesting to watch for its stride and gait, for the shine and trail it leaves, for the way it turned 180, for the sound its nails make on the asphalt, and more.

It was in the parking lot of the local park, and had a fence between it and the nearby pond. Not only that, but it was under someone’s car: that of a mom and her son. I asked a boy, maybe young teenage boy, who had been there fishing while his mom watched and exercised, if he wanted to move the turtle. He said no. So I did.

To the other side of the fence I moved the turtle. Then started taking pictures and video.

The behavior of the turtle was interesting. Most turtles I see draw into their shell. They are very wary. This one, as you see, was not at all. It was out of it shell and moving almost no matter what I did. So it made for some good video.

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