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“Morning” by  Victor Hugo
“Morning” by Victor Hugo

“Morning” by Victor Hugo

The mist of the morning is torn by the peaks Old towers gleam white in the ray, And already the glory so joyously seeks The lark that’s saluting the day. Then smile away, man, at the heavens so fair, Though, were you swept hence in the night, From your dark, lonely tomb the owlets would stare At the sun rising newly as bright. But out of earth’s trammels your soul would have flown Where glitters Eternity’s stream, And you shall have wake ‘midst pure glories unknown, As sunshine disperses a dream.

from: Odes and Ballads Translated by: H.L. Williams Poem from Victor Hugo Central. It is things like this you need to read to prepare yourself for the SAT, ACT, etc. — great writing is invaluable in helping you grasp how language is and should be used and in helping you learn to write.

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