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Student Successes
Student Successes

Student Successes

In other news, a student ended up with an 88 on his final and an 89 for the term in college chemistry.

Another ended up with a 92 on her final and maybe 95 for the term in college economics. (She said that most people failed the class. Sounds like it could’ve been 20 out of 30, or worse.)

They are students I worked with (private tutoring) in math when they were in high school. They got in touch again recently for private tutoring in these courses.

I started with the chemistry in mid-February, and the economics in mid-March. 

In the past, I’ve tutored a few people in economics and a number of people in chemistry, so I was able to teach these two with their professors weren’t.

I’m glad to help them excel, and to move along in their degrees and their careers.

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