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Method Matters
Method Matters

Method Matters

An ex-student said he recently earned a 102 in Immunology at Texas A&M. The professor said to him that it was the highest grade she’d given in that class in 20 years!! Congrats!!

I did not help him in biology or immunology, but he does give me lots of credit for teaching him good thinking skills, logic, and a philosophical perspective that lets him be reasonable, logical, and successful.

And a few years ago, he also said that his professor in Kinesiology said his squat was the best he’d ever seen a student do! What does a squat have to do with anything? I taught him that — I took him and his brother out exercising in the woods a number of times. We worked on technique in lots of exercises.

Method matters.

If you want the success in life that reason and logic bring, please get in touch. I’d love to help — and can do so in a way that few in Houston, TX, can do.

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