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Holistic Health Success Stories
Holistic Health Success Stories

Holistic Health Success Stories

The same could apply to us — to ourselves and our children. We need to focus on diet, diet, diet. Then get some exercise and some outdoors. In “10 Reasons I Love My Job” (December 28, 2012), Dr. Becker writes:
We kicked off our real stories series in February this year with Angel, a gorgeous four year-old male Husky who suffers from Masticatory Muscle Myositis — also called Masticatory Myositis (MM) — which is an autoimmune disorder. Conventional treatment for MM is a long-term, high dose of Prednisone, a powerful steroid. Angel’s owners, Kelley and Bruce, were very familiar with the drug and its long list of disturbing side effects. They viewed treating their sick pet with Prednisone as a situation in which “the cure is worse than the disease.” Fortunately, Angel’s parents opted to try to find a safer, more holistic way to treat their dog, which led them to me. And I’m happy to report we were able to stabilize Angel’s condition using non-drug remedies coupled with a raw diet and appropriate supplements.
Another success story was:
Mandy, like many pets today, had chronic, long-standing gastrointestinal inflammation. Prior to the pancreatitis, Mandy’s owner had tried a large variety of diets in an effort to resolve her dog’s digestive issues. She had also been to the vet countless times, year after year. Each entry in her medical record was the same: patient doesn’t feel well, is vomiting and has diarrhea. I was able to resolve Mandy’s GI inflammation and the pancreatitis with dietary changes and appropriate supplements. Unfortunately, she developed a nerve sheath tumor the following year, which we also had to work through. Mandy has remained cancer-free since she completed treatment in 2010. She has had no further episodes of pancreatitis or digestive symptoms. By resolving Mandy’s long-standing GI inflammation, my hope is that we have improved her overall immune health and vitality, reducing the potential for uncontrolled abnormal cell growth to recur in her body. © Copyright 1997-2013 Dr. Joseph Mercola. All Rights Reserved.

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