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Grammar: Essential For Reasoning, Beneficial For the SAT/ACT
Grammar: Essential For Reasoning, Beneficial For the SAT/ACT

Grammar: Essential For Reasoning, Beneficial For the SAT/ACT

English Grammar Revolution is a great site on grammar and sentence diagramming. Check it out! In a testimonial, Megan, a high school language arts teacher, said:
I just wanted to thank you for developing such an amazing website. I am using your site as the #1 source for my diagramming sentences lesson preparation. I am also going to give it to my students to look over if they want extra help at home. Thank you! Exceptional website! Great job!
The owner of EGR, Elizabeth O’Brien, used to teach at the VanDamme Academy. On her Website, Mrs. O’Brien has explanations of the parts of speech; lists of words for each part of speech; exercises in grammar and sentence diagramming; grammar games; information on sentences, phrases, and clauses; interviews of grammar and writing experts; information on sentence diagramming; ideas about using poetry in education…wow… Watch the short videos of a student reciting “No Enemies” by Charles MacKay and of others reciting some anonymous poetry. Nice. Poetry is a great tool for learning about language: the flow and feel of words; the depth and power of their meaning; and the shades, connotations, and precision that words can have. Want more good news? Mrs. O’Brien does tutoring!! She says, in her “About Me” short bio:
Grammar Rocks! Hello, my name is Elizabeth, and I am your English Grammar Revolution host. I fell in love with grammar during college after earning many poor grammar grades through high school. Up until college, no one had taught me properly. In grade school, junior high, and high school, grammar was presented to me as a mess of confused ideas. Teachers were “teaching me” about gerunds, and I had no idea what nouns were. I worked hard, but was left in a constant state of confusion. I left high school thinking that grammar was inaccessible to me. Luckily, I had to take a grammar class in college. Because of the logical presentation of the material and the visual sentence diagrams that we studied (I’m a very visual person), I was able to earn a great grade and, more importantly, understand grammar. I felt like I had conquered the world! Ever since then, I have been obsessed with showing other people the wonders of sentence diagramming. … Drop me a line if you’d like. I hope you enjoy this site. Happy Learning to You!
She and her Website sound like resources not to miss. Life is too short, and our minds, and the minds of our children, are too important.

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