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Grammar: A Practical
Grammar: A Practical

Grammar: A Practical

This is a real-life example of a sentence the SAT or ACT might give you to test your grammar and writing skills:
If kids want to become an electrician, dance instructor, plumber or tattoo artist, we see no shame or failure for those students. (from “Focus on school equality for sake of ‘kids in middle’ ” by Chris Barbic, July 14, 2009, 10:15PM, Copyright 2009 Houston Chronicle.)
Is there an error(s) in the sentence, or is it good as is?


  1. LOL Yeah, that’s what I was wondering!

    And what kind of medical procedure would allow for that? What’s more, who’d want to go to a dance instructor or tattoo artist who was some strange kind of amalgam or combination or permutation of hundreds of students? If such a medical freak, such a freak of nature, were a plumber, how would he fit into your house? Maybe there’d be no shame or failure, but there sure would be a lot of embarrassment and awkwardness!

    The questions, possibilities and visuals I got from that sentence were just too bizarre… Ah, the wonders of poor grammar…

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