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More lectures coming to Darwin150.com. Texas A&M University has a “Darwin 150” page listing the four lectures (in their “Darwin 150 Campaign”) and the bios of the first two speakers. In the blog post “Darwin150 kickoff lecture ‘selling out’ ” (Friday, September 11, 2009 at 3:34PM), The Darwin 150 Project says:
The kickoff of our four-part lecture series is next week at Harvard with Professor Emeritus Everett Mendelsohn. With more than 50 years as a member of the Harvard faculty, most credit Mendelsohn with helping to develop the social history of science. This lecture is available live via webcast from anywhere in the world (and there are only a few seats available at the Harvard science center for those based in the Boston area). Lecture 1: “The World Before Darwin” Professor Everett Mendelsohn, Professor Emeritus, Harvard University Wednesday, September 16, 2009
 8:00PM EST/5:00PM PST Register here to participate for free: (live at Harvard or via live webcast or phone) 

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