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Clarity in Language
Clarity in Language

Clarity in Language

Wrote to Evan Brand after listening to one of his podcasts. I said:

To call chronic diseases “diseases of civilization” or “diseases of culture” is imply that only we have civilization or culture!!! Clearly a misleading and false implication. I think you’d agree. Primitive people have no culture or civilization? Not so!! They do!!

Since culture is the sum total of a people’s values and ideas, the leading ones that determine its direction and nature, and since civilization is the process of removing the initiation of force from human relationships, to use the terms “diseases of civilization” or “diseases of culture” is to be conceptual sloppy and to ignore definition — easy for us to do, unfortunately, since we have a poor culture that disdains and disvalues concepts, reason, and logic. Our educational system is so poor in this regard that we have little to no training in using language with precision and passion. We are not trained to love and master language and concepts. Sad. As a math tutor and teacher, I see this way too much.

We don’t have “diseases of freedom” — we have too much oppression; primitive people have lots more freedom than we!!

We don’t have “diseases of values and ideas” — we have poor ideas, not good ones; primitive people were humans with arts, crafts, ideas, and a sense of life (a primitive philosophy); they were not animals without art or theory.

Better to follow the thinking of Katy Bowman and call them diseases of captivity, or something like that.

After all, don’t we see the same issues that we have today in dogs, cats, horses, and zoo animals? Is their problem one of culture or civilization? Hardly, I think. Their problem is one of captivity and immobility. 

What do you think?

We need more clarity in our language if we are to think well and attribute causes correctly! Clarity of language is clearly important in politics, foreign policy, friendship, questions of honesty, technical areas like science and work.

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