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Breck Bartholomew Natural History Books
Breck Bartholomew Natural History Books

Breck Bartholomew Natural History Books

Interesting Website here. It discusses and links to lots of books and scientific work about animals we’d otherwise not know about.

Rare Natural History is part of a group of websites high-lighting Natural History books and their illustrations. The menu bar above contains links to:

Bookstore — links to Breck Bartholomew Natural History Books: A bookstore specializing in rare and illustrated natural history books, generally published prior to 1900. I would be happy to discuss selling your books on consignment or purchasing for resale. I have special consignment rates for books being sold on behalf of non-profit organizations.

Natural History Decor — Links to a collection of natural history illustrations, primarily from old books. These illustrations can be printed for wall decor, as well as on a number of other items, such as pillows, bags, phone cases, and more. The Fine Art America widget on this page scrolls through some of the many illustrations available on the Natural History Decor website. More will be added on a regular basis.

FaceBook — Links to a Facebook page that will allow to you keep informed whenever a new book, blog entry, or illustration is added to this website or the other two websites—Follow us on FaceBook.

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