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Blogs For Paleo Parents
Blogs For Paleo Parents

Blogs For Paleo Parents

In the post “Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying” on her blog Feasting on Fitness, Kristy A provides a list of blogs by parents who follow the paleo diet and lifestyle. Learn and enjoy! She says:
For many overweight kids and adults, junk food and sweets aren’t the only cause: it’s starch.  One reason is that high fructose corn syrup is in EVERYTHING, even starches like bread.  Check the labels–you’ll be horrified.  Why we need to sugar everything we consume is another post, but for now, take it on good authority that high density foods like bread, pasta, rice, and potatoes give too much energy, and the excess carbohydrate turns to fat.  In reality, it isn’t fat that makes us fat, but carbohydrate! The old advice to eat a low fat and high carbohydrate diet hasn’t gotten us out of the obesity epidemic; in fact, the epidemic has gotten worse. I just got back from a talk given by Dr. Lustig of “Sugar: The Bitter Truth” fame, but I can’t write up that smorgasbord of info at the moment.  Next time, Gadget, next time. Right now, the focus of this post is: Step 1: We need to work toward the goal of replacing that starch AND SUGAR with vegetables and fruit–i.e. REAL FOOD.
Update (4-22-11; 7:07 PM): Another blog for parents is The Primal Parent. On her “About” page, she says:
My own journey with the primal diet – or the paleo diet as it is also called – began just before my pregnancy. Hitherto I was unable to conceive and had myriad health challenges. I began studying nutrition and disease while experimenting with the primal diet. Within three months of eliminating grains and dairy, I was pregnant. This unexpected miracle fueled my interest in the primal diet. I continued studying and experimenting with foods which led to the successful control of joint pain, infertility, acne, depression and other illness from which I had previously suffered. Now, as a parent I am primarily concerned with the prevention of gratuitous pain and suffering in children and growing adults. My experience with paleolithic lifestyle and diet extends to the philosophy of those ancient practices and how they can be applied to modern parenting.

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