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Another Good Breakfast
Another Good Breakfast

Another Good Breakfast

Blueberries, blackberries, cantaloupe, half an avocado, an omlette (four eggs with grilled red onion, grilled yellow bell pepper, sun dried tomato, a tiny bit of habanero pepper and some goat cheese), and some hot coffee. Yum.

This breakfast is in line with the ideas of Art De Vany‘s Evolutionary Fitness.

And again, the structure of production making this breakfast possible is mind-boggling and puts me in awe. (I first heard the idea of ‘structure of production’ in a lecture on economics from Richard Salsman. I do not know where the idea first came from.)

I didn’t eat until 10:30 or so. I went hungry for a few hours to “fast” and because I feel a little sick today — not anything that’s keeping me down or out for the count, but it is draining my energy. Hopefully the healthy breakfast will help me recover quicker than I otherwise would. I’ll have to have some hot green tea later, and maybe order some soup from a chinese restaurant.

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