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A Testimonial From a Mom
A Testimonial From a Mom

A Testimonial From a Mom

An awesome testimonial from the mother of three homeschoolers (all of whom I work with, tutoring/teaching them in science, all three at the same time):
Michael expounds all that is science in such an interesting and exciting way! He always keeps my kids engaged and thinking that science is fun!

He presents science in a logical, rational, integrated way – making it easy and possible to take everything they are learning and apply it in ‘the real world’… not just a list of useless facts, but tangible, knowable, valuable life lessons.

He builds a great foundation with biology first and all the rest of the sciences following and integrating from there. Who knew that biology, physics, physical fitness, and chemistry are all related and integrated? Just take a few science classes with Michael, and you’ll see for yourself!

Whether you’re homeschooling and want to seriously upgrade your science curriculum or just want to supplement your child’s deplorably lacking public school science education.. Michael will make science fun, interesting, and relevant to your kids’ lives – and yours!


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