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This Weekend: Country-Western Dance Competition
This Weekend: Country-Western Dance Competition

This Weekend: Country-Western Dance Competition

The Texas Classic is being held this weekend. It is a country-western dance competition held in Houston, TX, and currently owned by a lady who lives in Tomball, TX, and who owns a dance studio in Tomball. YouTube has some videos of country-western dancing including some of some competitors (amateurs dancing with their pro teacher) from prior Texas Classic competitions:

two step (pro: Carmen, who is a Houstonian)

west coast (Carmen again)

nightclub two step (Carmen again)

Here are some other pro-ams routines from other competitions:

two step (pro: Rex Jones…damn he’s sharp and precise)

cha cha (pro: Ronnie DeBenedetta…damn good, too)

two step (Rex dancing with his pro wife Rachel)

compilation (local teenager Matt Wisnowski dancing with local teenager Jacy Estep and pro Rachel Jones)

I recommend you watch the 1st place in Showcase at the 2008 SwingDiego competition. Really nice…  And, wow, watch the 1st place in the Classic Division, too! And check out Benji and Lacey Schwimmer (brother and sister) dancing the west coast swing. (Go one minute into video.) And they do another good one which was on iHollywood Dance. Ah, and be sure to watch Benji and his cousin from 2005!!! Fast and furious!! Enjoy!!  If you want to see some good dancing in person, and you are in Houston this weekend, check out the competition!! Update (6:15 PM): Two minor format changes and added the words “routines” and “pro”.

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