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This Is Motivation
This Is Motivation

This Is Motivation

A student and his mom walked out of Panera after I tutored him. Shortly after they walked out, the kid, a junior high schooler, came back in to ask me what the name of the stuff was that I was talking about, the stuff that “insulated” nerve fibers.

Myelin. It’s myelin. I wrote it down for him, and let him hear the pronunciation on an Internet dictionary.

We were doing math; he made some mistakes; I started talking about how it’s not always who’s right, but who corrects his mistake first who wins; we talked about how that applies to detectives and to scientists; then we talked about some things that led me to discuss how lots of people wouldn’t understand why I climb trees: they would think of tree climbing as something kids do, and would not grasp all the science and practicality that is behind climbing trees; then we got into myelin — and lots of other stuff.

So I had to explain, in easy, general terms what myelin was and how it was related to learning and mastery.

Too much happened to write it all down. I’d have had to put it all on video to capture the rational richness of the interaction.

Sweet. Love it.

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