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There Can Be No Better Testimonial
There Can Be No Better Testimonial

There Can Be No Better Testimonial

“Hidden” review on Yelp Houston (TX):

Gold Academy sets the standard for excellence among tutoring services. I was a student of Michael Gold for around 7 years, and the education I received has had an immeasurably positive impact on my life.

I originally only sought out tutoring for Geometry & Algebra, during middle school, in order to place into higher level math classes. I found the tutoring to be so valuable that I continued my lessons even after placing into and acing my desired courses – I received tutoring in math through high school and some of college (all the way up to 3-D Calculus). Additionally, I received tutoring for English and Grammar, Physics, SAT prep and more.

Gold’s tutoring helped me achieve A’s in my classes and great scores on standardized tests, but this was just the “tip of the iceberg.” With each lesson I also learned how to better think logically, carefully and reasonably. These skills are essential to life and have helped me immensely – I still use the learning/study methods I developed through Gold’s lessons to earn top scores in many college courses and to do well in my work and hobbies.

I will forever be grateful to Gold Academy, and highly recommend the service to any student who is looking to start learning, thinking and living.

Thank you, Rajiv! It was a joy to work with you so long. I’m glad we worked hard on math and you gained mastery of it, but I’m even more glad you were able and willing to work on reasoning skills and logic — and understood their importance. Grades are good, but they are nothing compared to logic and thinking skills. It’s that “teach a man to fish” thing. 

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